010 Toogood_The Photographer Jacket_RopeCalicoHW_Flint_2.jpg

The Photographer Jacket


COLOUR: Flint Black

MATERIAL: Heavyweight calico

A simple click, and a fleeting moment is preserved for ever more – the all-seeing lensman frames our memories.

An easy-fit jacket.

Limited edition piece.

100% Cotton

Dry Clean

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010 Toogood_The Photographer Jacket_RopeCalicoHW_Flint_2.jpg
010 Toogood_RopeCalicoHW_PhotographerJacketBackSeam_Flint.jpg
010 Toogood_The Photographer Jacket_RopeCalicoHW_Flint.jpg

Additional Info

This is a limited edition piece hand-made by the studio. The essential seams of this jacket are connected with ropes laced through tabs to create a graphic and open structure.

Sizing Chart.png

Size 2: Shoulders 40cm Chest 52cm Length 78cm

Size 3: Shoulders 48cm Chest 62cm Length 87cm

Size 4: Shoulders 48cm Chest 64cm Length 87cm