010 Toogood_TheSculptorTrouser_RopeCalicoHW_Flint.jpg

The Sculptor Trouser


COLOUR: Flint Black

Material: Heavyweight Calico

Within the unshaped stone, beauty slumbers – the chisel-wielding artist can discern the hidden grace in the harshest forms.

A hardwearing trouser.

Limited edition piece.

100% Cotton

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010 Toogood_TheSculptorTrouser_RopeCalicoHW_Flint.jpg
010 Toogood_TheSculptorTrouser_RopeCalicoHW_Flint_Back.jpg

Additional Info

This is a limited edition piece hand-made by the studio. The essential seams of the trousers are connected with ropes laced through tabs to create a graphic and open structure.

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