September 2022

By Glenn Adamson

Assemblage 7: Lost and Found, Faye Toogood's third solo exhibition with Friedman Benda, will be presented by the gallery in Los Angeles from October 7th to November 12th 2022.

Faye Toogood digs deep in her newest body of work, Assemblage 7: Lost and Found. The roots of this body of work are signalled in the title, which implies an archaeological situation, things that have been somehow lost from view, and then reclaimed. So too with the names of individual works – Plot, Barrow, Cairn, Mound. These are places that have all long-hidden secrets, which may yet be disclosed. The objects themselves are like stratigraphies exposed. They have quite literally been excavated, realized through subtractive carving.

The two materials used have powerful resonance in British history. Oak, of course, is the country’s most reliable building timber, and was the principal choice for furniture in the medieval era. Those simple, muscular forms were beloved of the British Arts and Crafts, and exert their own evident influence here.

Other works in the Assemblage are carved to smooth and textured finishes in Purbeck marble – so named because it is sourced from the isle of Purbeck, off the Dorset coast – a limestone, packed with shell fossils. When carved and polished, lace-like loops of white appear, the geological past emerging into the light. Particularly when gathered together, the pieces recall the rings of shaped standing stones that are Britain’s most ancient works of art. The reference lends the Assemblage a ceremonial atmosphere, a sense of communion with cultural memories echoing down through the centuries.

Learn more about the upcoming exhibition here.