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June 2024

Exploring the intersection of art, design, food, and people, FRAMA and Toogood come together on a collaborative exhibition at FRAMA’s spaces in Copenhagen this June.

COLLAGE is a collaboration between FRAMA and designer Faye Toogood’s London studio. With a shared reverence for creative process and distinct but complementary design aesthetics, the two studios will collaborate for the first time to present an amplified view of one of our most human experiences: sharing a meal.

Expanding on FRAMA’s adjoining eatery, Apotek 57, visitors are invited to dine throughout the space on tactile sculptures. Toogood’s spatial intervention in FRAMA’s Copenhagen HQ brings colour and extreme proportions into the historic space from 1878.

There is no better place to talk of cabbages and kings, than the space we bring to life when sharing a meal. COLLAGE rethinks the whole FRAMA Studio Store, including Apotek 57 eatery. Toogood’s sculptural furniture poses a playful question in each room. An assemblage of planes and shapes that intertwine to create layered tables, surfaces and screens. Sculptural food installations inspired by Toogood’s shapes and are presented around FRAMA’s tableware collections.

“I'm a form-led designer, and I like to question function. Why does a chair need to be that shape, height, proportion? Why do the pockets on your coat need to be in those positions? In all my work, I trust people to find the function. Make it personal. Figure out what works for you. I hope that COLLAGE is an engaging and exciting space for anybody who interacts with it… the people working at Apotek, visitors who thought they were familiar with the interior, and those experiencing the space for the first time.” – Faye Toogood

As part of COLLAGE, a capsule collection of collaborative pieces are available for purchase exclusively at FRAMA Studio Store. The hand-painted Roper Gilet, and a matching oversize tote bag (hand-painted in four variations of the COLLAGE artwork.)

Toogood re-imagine FRAMA’s self care collection, St. Pauls Apothecary with the colourful and painterly shapes of COLLAGE.

“Our daily rituals deserve attention and love. A big part of my work is acknowledging and celebrating the quiet, mundane moments we all have in a day. Like washing your hands.” – Faye Toogood

Reflecting the sculptural furniture Toogood have designed for COLLAGE, a collection of hand-made wooden objects are available to buy in pairs. Wall mountable – they can be used as hooks. Sculptural shapes in bold colours, inspired in part by Faye watching her children navigate wooden building blocks. The wooden objects embody Toogood’s unique combination of play and function. Something unexpected and useful.  

Created exclusively for Design Days, COLLAGE sees the FRAMA Studio Store reimagined. Toogood are taking over – with a bold and colourful installation that includes site specific bespoke furniture, hand-painted staff uniforms and a capsule collection of collaborative goods.

Visit COLLAGE from 12 - 16 June.

Address: FRAMA Studio Store, Fredericiagade 57, 1310 Copenhagen

Opening hours:
June 12: 9am -5pm
June 13-14: 9am -6pm
June 15-16: 10am -4pm