I’m inviting you to crash land on these padded piles. To crunch and crinkle the glowing quilted lights. Run your hands over the table’s lacquered top and leather legs…” – Faye Toogood

Toogood and Tacchini blast off with COSMIC: a collaborative collection of elliptical design statements.

At the centre of Toogood’s collaboration with Tacchini is Solar: a sofa that at a glance, looks like a pile of pillows. The almost-sagging squishiness of this chair makes it unique in Tacchini’s stable of bold and handsome furniture. “I wanted to challenge myself to create pieces that have sculptural shape, but also softness.” – Faye Toogood. Solar is also presented as a daybed. Sink in and space out. 

Alongside the stacked upholstery pieces are quilted light pendants and a padded mirror. Forms that invite you to crumple or squeeze them. “The lights are covered in a paper fabric that you can scrunch to change the shape, with a beautiful diffused glow at the centre like an egg yolk.” Lunar lights available in three sizes (A3, A2 and A1.) The Stellar mirror in XL has the appearance of glass buried in a cushion.

The collection is full of irregular, round shapes. Orbit are a flat pebble shaped coffee table and desk featuring a lacquered top and leather inlay. Astral is an oval shaped, metal shelving unit.

Materials with raw beauty. Organic shapes from nature. These are cornerstones of the Toogood studio. “I try to put as much of myself, and my energy into the objects. My process is tactile and emotional. The shape of the chair came from pushing my fingers into the clay maquette, squashing the three layers together. I don’t connect with design done at a distance. These biomorphic shapes haven’t been created on a computer, they are found by hand.” - Toogood

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Milan Design Week
16th-21st April
Rho Fiera. Hall 24, Stand C01-03