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Toogood introduces a new collaboration with iconic Finnish furniture designers, Vaarnii - The 015 Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair and Footstool, an architectural addition to the outdoor landscape.

This generous and heavy outdoor seat is designed for comfort and permanence, rather than mobility. The first Toogood collaboration with Vaarnii, the chair adds to Vaarnii’s growing outdoor range made from innovative heat-treated pine. With longevity in mind, not only is the chair intended to physically withstand a generation of weather, it is classic and timeless in form, subtly referencing classic garden furniture in its form.

“There is a toughness, a robustness, to this design which is quite fitting given it was designed by a Brit for a northern European furniture manufacturer. I think we have a different relationship to the outdoors than our Southern European friends, for example”. Faye Toogood.

As with all Toogood design, inspired by Faye’s enduring love of wild landscapes, the Peace Lounge Chair is intended to facilitate a closer connection to nature; Faye explains “it is for rest, reading, contemplation, solitary pursuits more than social gathering”. Once positioned in a choice location outdoors it should become a place to visit; “to relax and breathe” whilst immersed in nature.

Both advocates of materiality, Vaarnii has offered its expertise in Finnish pine (which the brand uses exclusively across all products), with the chair large and generous planks of pine forming the structure of chair and stool.

“As a studio we felt a real connection to the pine. We often use raw, honest materials; canvas, clay, wire, paper, card. These are essential materials for making and pine has similar qualities. The pine was incredible, so beautiful, to work with”. Faye Toogood.

Employing exaggerated scale and a hulking frame, Vaarnii and Toogood intend the Peace Chair and Footstool to weather all seasons.

“Outdoor furniture can really make or destroy a landscape. We’ve been very sensitive to that with the design of the Peace Lounge Chair, I hope we’ve made something that will blend with the natural”. Faye Toogood.

The 015 Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair and Footstool launches at Stockholm Furniture Fair, February 6-10 2024.
Available online at Vaarnii.

015 Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair, £1,650 and Peace Footstool £390.

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