With the Arts and Crafts Movement as inspiration, the Autumn/ Winter 2022 collection embodies the philosophy of creating things that are beautiful, useful and made-to-last.

The mixture of luminous velvet, heritage prints and crumpled satin with military twill, flannel and felted wool has the feeling of a dressing up box - and in the spirit of William Morris, celebrates honesty behind craftsmanship.


Where the liquid collides with the solid, where the waters lap and crash against the stone and the chalk and the sand, there you will find us. The coast!

Here we find inspiration for the Spring / Summer 2023 collection, from
trawlermen mending their nets and tarring their rigging, holidaymakers picnicking upon their outsized gingham, and coastal artists plying their watercolours in reappropriated marine stripes.

And here, above all, we find ourselves in this maritime zone; the billowing broadsail of a nautical trouser; the starched flap of a jacktar’s collar; the gentle ripple of the waters mimicked in cotton and linen.

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