April 2024

Rude Arts Club is an intimate escape from trade-show hustling and bustling. Piazza Santo Stefano, 10, Milano has been completely reimagined to celebrate and showcase the combined vision of two distinctive collections. Cosmic is Toogood and Tacchini’s first collaborative collection of furniture. Rude is the third instalment of handmade rugs in Toogood’s ongoing partnership with cc-tapis.

Explore a house full of unique rooms, each designed and decorated to amplify the diverse output of Toogood’s most recent period of intense creativity. Rude rugs hug walls, mounted like the paintings of old masters. A constellation of tactile, scrunchable Lunar lights illuminate the Studio Bar with their diffused glow. Solar daybeds and sofas invite you to crash land on their squashy, corpulent forms.

The plush finish of richly-coloured, fabric clad walls is met with Faye Toogood’s exciting, disruptive shapes. The lumps and bulges of Rude converge in rugs with intriguing titles such as “Tongue-And-Cheek”, “Poking Fun” and “Blue Tit.” Cosmic is a collection of irregular, elliptical shapes that combine the sculptural with the soft. With her signature mix of wit and style, Faye Toogood presents timeless works of unconventional design that unite the artistic with the everyday.

 "These two collaborative collections have been transformative for the Toogood studio. Combining the unparalleled craft and unwavering support of cc-tapis and Tacchini with my own design language has felt like a creative rebirth. Although both collections are entirely distinctive, I wanted to harness the enduring art-school ethos of utopian collaboration. Bring it all together celebrating teamwork and dreamwork.” – Faye Toogood


The Studio Bar. Alongside the finished collections, you will find relics of the artistic process. Original hand painted artwork for the Rude motifs are framed. Pocket scale maquettes for Cosmic furniture are present, the thumbprint of the artist still visible in a clay model.
The Projection Room. A hidden downstairs happening, painted pink and layered with playful projections. Musician Giorgio di Salvo has created original sculptural sounds for this immersive environment.

An Artistic Uniform. Staff will wear an original custom uniform designed by Toogood.
Two iconic styles from the Toogood archive (The Tapper T-shirt and The Tailor Jean) have been hand-painted silver for the Rude Arts Club staff. This uniform is an archetypal example of Toogood’s universal clothing – fit for every body and adaptable to any personal style.

Milan Design Week
16th-21st April
Piazza Santo Stefano 10
20121 Milan